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Hawkin’s Bazaar has always specialised in gadgets, offering a range of cutting edge time savers and top tech toys to keep you entertained. Our current selection is no different, featuring a huge range of great gadgets for your home, phone, office and just about every other aspect of modern life. Whether you’re looking for something practical, something fun, or a gadget that sits somewhere in the middle, you’ve come to the right place!

One set of gadgets that we’re particularly fond of is our RC drone and helicopter collection. As a Drone Safe retailer, we know all about remote control flying machines of all shapes and sizes. Several of our drones and helicopters are the perfect size to fly indoors, allowing you to take them on an aerial tour of your home or office. Others are designed specifically to use outside, taking advantage of cameras, GPS navigation and more. If you want to get into drones, why not take a look at the Drone Code?

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Do you prefer to keep your RC experiences on the ground? We’ve got a brilliant range of remote control cars too! From all-terrain monster trucks to lightning fast speed machines that charge off in the blink of an eye, there’s no ground you can’t cover with our cars.

Are you looking for gadgets for a specific person? Our collection caters to all, with a fantastic selection of gadgets for men, women, boys and girls. There is so much choice on offer for all interests and age groups that you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gadget for yourself or anyone else.

Don’t forget, we can offer next day delivery on all gadgets; just order before our delivery cut-off window. We can also offer a free delivery service if certain spending thresholds are met. For more information, take a look at our delivery information page.

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