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Retro tin figures for your collection

Hawkin’s Bazaar is home to a host of tin collectibles that are beaming with retro charm. From replica 1950s robots to classic tin wind-up toys, there are some superb collectible pieces here to add to (or even start) your collection.

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Retro tin collectibles are here!

Check out the Hawkin collection of tin collectibles and you’ll be amazed at the variety on offer. From 1950s style robot toys to classic collectible figurines and models, there’s a huge selection on offer to satisfy the collector in you. Lots of these tin collectibles, especially the robots, are inspired by early tin toys to come out of Japan in the mid-20th century. They are hugely sought after by collector’s looking to build up a full set of fantastic retro style toys. They are built just as they were more than 60 years ago, meaning the designs are authentic right across their tinny exteriors. As such, these items are only suitable for adults and children over 14 years of age.

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Robots, cars and lots of other tin collectibles available now

Not in the mood for tin collectibles? We’ve got hundreds of other great items in our model shop. Whilst not quite tin, our diecast model cars look incredible and are made from high quality metal and coated in high quality electrostatic paint. If you’re still after some classic collectibles then you might like to check out our Hornby collection, which keeps growing and growing with more locomotives, bits of scenery and more. Of course, there’s nothing quite like a proud shelf of tin collectibles in your home!