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Recon Observation Drone
Recon Observation Drone Recon Observation Drone Recon Observation Drone Recon Observation Drone

Recon Observation Drone

Recon Drone Battery

Take to the air with the Recon Observation Drone and shoot videos from the sky


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Gain an eye in the sky that's under your complete control with this brilliant RC camera drone. Send the Recon Observation Drone out on a scouting mission and its underside camera will capture footage, loading up the on-board SD card with videos and still images of whatever it sees. Just press either the video or photo buttons on the controller during flight to start recording images to view back later. This quadcopter drone even comes with an SD card reader so you can plug it straight into a computer and view your aerial handy work.

Operating on the 2.4G frequency, the Recon Observation drone enjoys a control range of up to 50 metres as well as an increased resilience to signal interference, meaning it can operate alongside other RC vehicles unhindered. It also features a three speed flight toggle, giving you more control and greater movement as well as a stunt button that triggers a mid-air flip. This stable flying machine is a great first step into the world of drones as it offers a bit of everything and comes with all the bits you need to get started. And don't forget to pick up a spare battery - it can double your flight time!

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  • RC camera drone
  • Records videos and takes photos
  • Saves to on-board SD card (included)
  • Come with USB SD card reader
  • Operates on 2.4G frequency
  • Three speed modes
  • Loop-the-loop stunt button
  • 50 metre control range
  • Still image resolution: 1280 x 960
  • Recorded video resolution: 640 x 480
  • For use indoors and outdoors
  • One hour charge for up to eight minutes of flight
  • Charges via USB (included)
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries
  • Drone 32cm wide
  • Pick up a spare battery
Minimum age
Recommended minimum age for your guidance
Tested to EU Standards
Tested to EU Standards


Purchased this for my hubby, he is a finicky person and this he loved, but has a small issue with the control and didn’t want a refund. We were immediately sent a replacement, excellent service ever , so responsive and quick delivery I can’t praise the co enough, superb!
Review by Denise 09/01/2018
Bought this just after Xmas. Had a quick fly with it yesterday and it’s a really good starter drone! Would recommend to anyone who wants to fly a drone for the first time. Not bad for £40 too! Gave 4* as the battery life is poor. Need to find out if you can get any spare ones.
Review by JGarbett 05/01/2018
The recon observation drone always seemed to be on 50% discount, so being £50. It is decent for the money. It will help beginners get started. Only reason I gave 4 stars is the camera is not live streaming.
Review by Shamooo1234 18/08/2017
Good drone, very durable and easy to fly
Review by Treve 10/04/2017
I bought this drone to learn to fly outside, it's well put together and can survive a crash or two. The built in dvr supplied with memory card allows you to watch back your footage on your PC. If the camera angle was adjustable to suilt your flying style and the speed of the drone then I would have given it 5 Stars. The way it takes off and flies around, I cannot fault in fact is excellent I would recommend this drone to anybody and everybody!
Review by Icarus 04/04/2017
Really like it , it is amazing the only problem is the camera needs a upgrade.
Review by Jack 23/01/2017
I got this for Christmas and now I really have the drone bug. It's super lightweight and packs a lot of power. Easy to assemble straight from the box and will be up in the air in minutes. Make sure you read the instructions first!
Review by Asa 23/01/2017
Had this drone since xmas easy to fly and I have used it alot . I have crashed it and got it stuck up a tree over night in the rain and the thing is bullet proof.
Review by Bob 20/01/2017
First things first, the up to 8 minute flying time is fairly normal for the size/weight and battery power combination. I've purchased a mjx battery from amazon and am now looking at getting another 4 or 5 to spend more time in the air.

The camera is fine for the beginner and I quite enjoy having a look round the neighbourhood.

The only downside is that because the recon is so light, you need to be aware just how much breeze there is when it's up in the air.

Overall this a really good drone that will teach you how to fly.
Review by Scott 09/01/2017
Ok, the was £100 is questionable but at under £50 it is excellent. No trickery, just practice straight out of the box
Review by SteveL 02/01/2017
There is stability and the controls are fairly easy to follow, in and outside. Strongly recommended. A great price as well. :)
Review by Paul B 30/12/2016
fly's like a dream and really good at hovering in a bit of a wind. really well packaged, brill first drone!! really good for pilots who are new to the hobby or just for fun with the guards.
Flight time is about 5-7 ish min in the air and not bad for a hour charge.
there is 3 different flying speed which is good if you are new at flying or speed it up if you are really good .

only one battery and really hard to find replacement, and cant find spare parts.
Thats the only down side
Review by brad 98 29/12/2016
It is a good drone just a shame on the short battery life
Review by Aarron 28/12/2016
the camera is ok but could do with a upgrade and slightly longer flight time
Review by Malcolm 28/12/2016
Fantastic drone looks great works well and easy to use, excellent delivery updates will use this site again and again
Review by tom 12/12/2016
Packaged well. Delivered promptly. Christmas present for grandson. He will love it.
Review by Lynda 06/12/2016
Looks great. Bought for a present, think my grandson will be delighted
Review by Lindy56 05/12/2016
Received quickly. Haven't opened it as present for xmas. Going on the other reviews I'm sure my son will be happy
Review by Sasha 02/12/2016
Great entry level drone prompt delivery, well packaged and ready to go with a charge, it even comes with an sd card for the camera, just a shame about the limited flying time.
Review by Steve 30/11/2016
I really like this drone because it is really easy to control and the reduced price of the drone is really good
Review by Bob 24/10/2016
I bought this drone to mess around and it is really easy to fly
Review by DroneMaster123 24/10/2016
Great drone! My first time flying and out of the box it was ready just needed charging. The controller is simple and the camera quality is great. I would highly recommend this drone.
Review by Nathan 18/06/2016
Very great product, loved it from the beginning, A really nice flyer and easy to learn. Camera is good.
Review by Ivo 16/06/2016
Such a good drone, amazing to fly and the camera is amazing good pictures and recordings!
Review by joshylfc 24/05/2016
So happy with this. Heard about it by email flyer.
Bought it online as a gift, 24 hours later it was in my hand, delivery had broken the controller, took it in to the shop and was replaced with no issue at all, in fact it was done with a smile.
Excellent customer service and a great product at a really great price.
As for the drone itself, my brother was really happy with it, flew really well and quickly got used to the controls. Have yet to find out about the camera quality.
Thanks Hawkin's Bazaar!!!
Review by Shelly 05/05/2016
Perfect size for some to own a drone for the first time. Only disappointed about the 8min fly time with an hour of changing time.
Review by Kay 08/04/2016
My girlfriend bought me this drone (as my first drone to date). The drone is good fun, and fairly easy to fly after a bit of practice - definitely easier than flying RC helicopters I've used before. The battery lasts around 8 minutes (as is stated), but more batteries can be bought - I would recommend it!

The trimming isn't fairly obvious in the instructions but the question has been answered for me on this page.

All round a fantastic little product!
Review by Nicholas 23/03/2016
I recently bought The 'Recon' Drone/quad from your Reading store, and hope you're selling lots of them all over the Nation. I've been flying these 'toy grade' aircraft for over three years now, and without a doubt, the Recon is by far the best, of this class. I've ever flown. The gyro is super accurate and recalibrates perfectly, the bodyshell is robust. Good quality brushed motors with power to spare, it performs nice tight flips, and the camera takes great video and stills for this price range. For £39.99 it offers superb value for money. If there ever was a Syma X5C 'killer' this is it.
Review by Herby 21/03/2016
Purchased this last week and I absolutely love it (As do the kids!) good price, very stable and easy to trim. The only thing I would say is don't expect the best video/pictures from it, quite blocky on both fronts, but fine as part of the entertainment element.
Battery life is not great, though if you google or check ebay with the model number on the battery, you can find them between £3.00 - £7.00 so I have purchased a couple of these. Overall a great product for the price!
Review by Mutley 17/03/2016
This is a well designed, huge value drone, which rewards the effort it takes to learn to fly it. Camera's not the best, of course, but the whole package is tremendous. Wish the flying time was a tad longer, but that's my sole criticism.
Review by Paul 14/03/2016
Bought this today..great looks and durable..8 mins flying time and an hour charge..not bad..the 2 MP camera does the job well.
Review by Andychef 11/03/2016

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