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Fiddle Toys

Pick up a stress toy and have a fidget

Sometimes your hands get a bit restless and just need a fiddle toy to keep them busy. These toys are perfect for even the most determined fidget and are the ideal way to occupy idle digits and relieve stress.

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Stress toys are the perfect solution for fidgety hands

Squishy stress toys are the perfect anti-stress solution! We have a wide selection of fantastic fidget toys that are proven stress relievers that really help take your mind off of distracting thoughts. Just pick one up and feel those troubles melt away!

They come in all shapes and size, with a variety of cool stress toys that are reimagined versions of the classic ball. From fruit to officially licensed characters, these squeeze toys are a fantastically fun for of stress relief. They’re great for adults and kids of all ages, even if you don’t need one for its stress relieving properties.

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Stress balls can also be used as sensory toys

Some of our squishy stress toys have interesting fillings, giving them a range of tactile sensations to make them fantastic sensory toys. They can be really helpful for anyone who lives with autism or ADHD, and really help to focus the mind. It’s also a great way to keep hands busy and can help break habits or keep fidgeting to a minimum.

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